Stories with purpose, edtech with fart heart

Our mission is to prepare kids for whatever the future might throw at them: fake news, identity theft, mass surveillance, and really annoying siblings

We use the power of stories to promote computer science, critical thinking, creativity and acting with empathy.

Our role models are diverse, our adventures are mapped against the Computing Curriculum, and our farts are potent. Our motto: Think for Yourself, Question Everything.

We’re a tiny company, with amazing handlers: we’re backed by Warner Media and Walker Books, and our products have been voted Top Coding Toy in 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

We hope you’ll join us on our mission. There is a global digital skills crisis, and we want to normalise what it means to be a techie. Computer science is for everyone.
Diversity and how we make our stories
We started Bright Little Labs because we were fed up with the lack of diversity in kids media: only 4% of protagonists are BAME, 92% of females are underweight and 0% of princesses are coders. Rubbish 😱.
It’s not just about who’s on the screen. Diverse teams create better stories, and we’re committed to building a team of diverse storytellers.

Our amazing Character Council - a group of Nani Ji’s, Dadi-Ji’s, little rani’s, and more uncles and aunties than we can count - help us create our characters.

Stories tell us who we are, and what we can become. Never underestimate their power.

Why are STEM skills so important?

By 2050, half of the jobs we know today will be replaced by robots and machines. We’ll need a superstar generation of tech whizz kids to build, maintain and automate these new systems. These will be the jobs of the future - and the best paid too. To 2050 and beyond!

Why does representation matter?

We want children to see themselves represented in our stories. After all, you can’t be what you can’t see. That’s why our characters represent children from a range of ethnicities, backgrounds and life experiences. Our first hero, Agent Asha, is a young British Indian girl using her STEM ingenuity to defeat evil tech giants

A small company with big ambitions

Our products have been voted Top Coding Toy for 2017, 2018 and 2019 by our mums and a few national newspapers. Not only that, but we’re very proud to work with amazing partners like Walker Books and Warner Media. And this is just the beginning. Mwahaha.

Our journey so far

Sophie Deen

We help kids to understand the technology around them, and then we encourage them to question how to use it…. and then we encourage them to question the system…. and ultimately we’re on a mission to get all homework banned, OK.

Our Team

Small but mighty! We are artists, techies, gamers, one ex-comedian - and we’re good at making complex ideas simple. Our approach focuses on storytelling, because like kids, we are drawn to tales of friendship, danger and overcoming obstacles. But we don’t like homework or anything that looks like homework. So we sneak the learning in. 

Sophie Deen


Kate Holden

Game designer

Naomi Bonner


Lucy Burns

Visual design

Anna Hyde


Lucre Camiletti

UX design

Christopher Campbell-Mhlope

Logistics Assistant

Our Advisors

Miles Berry

Sharna Jackson

Darran Garnham

Work with us!

If you love fart jokes, computer science and kids, then please get in touch. If you’re not sure if you’ve got the right experience, take a chance on us. We value merit, initiative and values over qualifications. We love mums, dads, carers and other people who want flexible working arrangements. We like using sentences that begin with ‘we’ and ‘if’.

Help us create something amazing.
I Want Biscuits

Are you a journalist?

We’d love to talk to you about STEM, storytelling and representation in kids’ media, women in business, diversity in tech, tackling big media giants and why working in a startup is the best (and worst). Please email if you’d like to discuss a story. If it’s urgent, let us know - we’ll reply extra quick.
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