Complete Spy Coder Bundle


Get the ultimate Spy experience. Immerse your kid in the Spy World with the Agent Asha book, set up the agent spy profile with the handbook and continue the STEM learning with the training modules. Hours and hours of screenless fun.

We recommend starting with the Spy Coder Pack, reading the Agent Asha book and completing the Agent Handbook. The agent can continue the journey with the CSA training manuals (Spy Indentities, Spy Bases, Spy Communications).

Bundle Includes:

  • Invitation letter to the Children’s Spy Agency (CSA)
  • Agent Asha Adventure book
  • Agent handbook
  • 3 x Training manual
  • Complete Spy tools
  • Access to our online world and more

 Age 7-11
 Shipping worldwide
 Ethically made in the UK
 Plastic-free, recyclable

What's Included?

CSA Invitation Letter

Agents are welcomed into the Children’s Spy Agency and given their mission instructions.

Adventure Book

Join Agent Asha’s adventure and learn how the internet works (hint: it’s not really in a cloud)
</> Adventure Story Book
</> Crack codes and learn coding basics

Spy Starter Kit

Get initiated into the Children’s Spy Agency
</> CSA Agent Handbook
</> CSA Membership ID Card
</> CSA Wall Map
</> Spy Stickers, news bulletin, code breaker 

All Training Manuals

The agent can continue improving their STEM skills with our training modules
</> Spy Identities Manual
</> Spy Bases Manual
</> Spy Communications Manual

Spy Tools

Expand the CSA kit with the special tools from the training modules.

Mapped to the UK Coding Curriculum

Our stories are made by teachers and spies, so they are all secretly educational.

Diverse Role Models

We're using the power of stories and inclusive role models to inspire little and big minds alike.

Earth friendly, sustainably made

Made locally by people who are paid fairly, our products are sustainable, plastic free and carbon neutral.

Money back guarantee

If you don't like Agent Asha, we'll refund you. No questions asked.