Spy Agency Training - Spy Identities


Become an expert in Spy Bases with this official Childrenā€™s Spy Agency training manual. For kids to work on alone or with their spy units, learn the skills you need to become an Elite Agent in the CSA!

ThisĀ training manual will bring you up to speed on the latest technology used to hide your identity and sneak about. Learn about FARTs (to FAcial Recognition Technology) how to spot a deep fake, how to keep your identity hidden online and in person, and more.

Mapped to the UK coding curriculum, bring learning to life with the immersive Childrenā€™s Spy Agency.


  • CSA letter
  • SpyĀ IdentitiesĀ training activity book - 40+ pages of STEM learning and activities about how to keep your identity safe online and on missions. Topics include: facial recognition technology, biometrics and bias, deep fakes, algorithms, debugging, design, online security and computer dazzle.
  • Official CSA stickers
  • Official CSA cut-out maskĀ 
  • Agent recruitmentĀ cards
  • Access to our online world

šŸ§  Age 7-11
šŸŒ Shipping worldwide
šŸ’› Ethically made in the UK
ā™»ļø Plastic-free & recyclable

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What's Included?

CSA Agent Letter

The agent will receive instructions from the Childrenā€™s Spy Agency to complete their training module.

Training Manual

Agents will learn how facial recognition technologies work, bias, how to avoid cameras and more.

Spy Tools

Expand the CSA kit with the special tools for the Spy Identities Module.

Mapped to the UK Coding Curriculum

Our stories are made by teachers and spies, so they are all secretly educational.

Diverse Role Models

We're using the power of stories and inclusive role models to inspire little and big minds alike.

Earth friendly, sustainably made

Made locally by people who are paid fairly, our products are sustainable, plastic free and carbon neutral.

Money back guarantee

If you don't like Agent Asha, we'll refund you. No questions asked.