Bright Little Labs Ventures

Ventures is an accelerator for creators to develop early stage concepts with Bright Little Labs. We incubate, co-create, produce, scale and commercialise novel children's media IP from a wide group of talented creators from diverse backgrounds. 

We look for learning-inspired stories with inclusive role models at their heart. 

Our Vision

💎  Support diverse storytellers (women, POC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, 50+) to develop IP for any medium, creating diversified career paths for entry-level and established talent.

👻  Help creators to commercialise purpose-driven kids' media across multiple verticals (animation, games/apps, books, toys etc).

💥  Generate diverse kids' entertainment content and products, addressing the startling lack of on-screen POC and other under-represented role-models and story-worlds.

👀  Encourage the development of purpose-driven children's entertainment IP aligned to 21st Century skills or STEM-learning themes.

Application Submissions Opening Soon.

Everyone is welcome to apply. 

From industry newbies to those with experience across books, animation, games, apps, toys and more. We particularly welcome applications from diverse candidates including, but not in any way limited to, women, People of Colour, LGBTQIA+, disabled people, and people who are 50+.

Register your interest below, and be the first to know when applications open.


How does it work?

You apply to join the programme. If you're accepted, you will be asked to attend a series of workshops over eight weeks, during which time you will develop a new kids IP concept, with help from the Bright Little Labs team and industry experts. At the end of each Ventures cohort, applicants pitch novel IP to commissioners, production houses, colleagues and investors, and the opportunity for a full development deal.  You'll get feedback, build your network and advance your career.

What are the legal terms of participating in the Accelerator?

During the application process, you will be asked to declare that the concept you would like to develop with us is 100% owned by you. It is important that it is wholly new IP and has no rights issues, and that it has not been pitching to any commercial partners before. 

You will be asked to assign the IP of your idea to Bright Little Labs. If, at the end of the programme, we decide not to develop your idea further, Bright Little Labs will release the IP back to you. If we decide to work together to develop and commercialise your idea, all IP will remain the property of Bright Little Labs, but you will share in its success. We will share full commercial terms with you before you accept a place on the programme.

What is an "RFP"?

RFP = industry jargon. It means ‘Request for Proposal’

This is where a ‘publisher’ (i.e. HBOMax, Epic Games or Walker Books) request a ‘Proposal or pitch for a new IP or product. For example, they might know that they need more content targeted at preschool and they might have researched the interests of preschool and discovered that gardening is trending, so they might put an RFP out for preschool shows about gardening. 

The publisher will review the proposals they receive and choose which ones to develop. They might then offer the creator money to develop or buy the idea under their own brand in return for a stake in the creator, company or product. There is no industry standard offer - these are negotiated between the parties.

In the ventures programme, we have set a few ‘creative briefs’ - these can also be thought about as RFPs. 

What's in it for me?

The opportunity to develop your creative concept through: training and support; 1-1s with industry experts; access to a network of creatives, commissioners and investors; pitch training; understanding the commercial side of the industry and how to navigate within it; and the opportunity of a development deal with Bright Little Labs.