Bright Little Labs Ventures

Ventures is an accelerator for creators to develop early stage concepts with Bright Little Labs. We incubate, co-create, produce, scale and commercialise novel children's media IP from a wide group of talented creators from diverse backgrounds.

We look for learning-inspired stories with inclusive role models at their heart.

Submissions are now CLOSED for our first cohort.

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Our Vision

💎 Support diverse storytellers (women, POC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, 50+) to develop IP for any medium, creating diversified career paths for entry-level and established talent.

👻 Help creators to commercialise purpose-driven kids' media across multiple verticals (animation, games/apps, books, toys etc).

💥 Generate diverse kids' entertainment content and products, addressing the startling lack of on-screen POC and other under-represented role-models and story-worlds.

👀 Encourage the development of purpose-driven children's entertainment IP aligned to 21st Century skills or STEM-learning themes.


We are looking for fresh voices from underrepresented talent to create empowering stories for the next generation.

Don’t worry if you’ve never made some something before. Neither has anyone, until they have. You just need to be a creator with a great idea.

We're backed by Warner. Bros. Discovery, have amazing partners like Walker Books and United Agents, and we have access to an exceptional network of industry a-listers.

We believe in the power of inclusive stories to empower the next generation, a we're united by our belief that if big media companies chose to tell a different story to young audiences and families, it would be game-changing.

We're making those stories.

What We're Looking For

Creative work in all forms, for children 0-to-12 years old, that embodies our core content values.

From songs, character designs, graphic novels, stand-up routines, animation shorts, scripts, to anything in between. If you’re passionate about your idea and think it could translate to another format, or capture the imagination of a little one, then we want to see it.

We are looking for ideas from individuals, submissions from production companies or established producers will not be considered.

Our Content Values

🌈 Inclusive Role Models and Diverse Characters

It's important not only for kids from marginalised communities to see positive representations of people like them to act as role models, but for all kids to see positive representations of diverse characters, to build empathy, combat prejudice, and reverse the psychological harm created by pervasive stereotypes.

👀 21st Century Skills

We want to equip children with the skills they’ll need in an increasingly automated world. Creativity, empathy, resilience, ethics, critical thinking, leadership and of computer science are all important. Because if you can code, but you can't think, you're basically a slow robot.

👻 Stealth Learning

Shhhh! Our stories are so consuming, fun and aspirational, that our audience rarely stops to notice that they are - heaven* forbid - learning something!

🌟 About You 🌟

If you've got a good idea, we want to hear from you.

If you're not sure whether it is a good idea or not, it probably is.

If you're not sure if you have the right experience, there is no such thing - you do.

If you're not sure whether your idea is ready, we wholeheartedly practice a culture of 'progress over perfection'. Please submit anyway.

If you're not sure if you have time to apply, the application is purposefully short (<30 mins). If your idea is selected for further development, we will pay you for your time to do so (see below).

We particularly welcome applications from diverse candidates including, but not in any way limited to, women, People of Colour, LGBTQIA+, disabled people, and people who are 50+. These are the stories we like to bring to life - stories that resonate with and reflect our world.

We love hearing from industry newbies and seasoned people too. Simple!

What We Offer

💰 Financial Backing

Winning projects will receive an investment of both cash and resources into developing the IP further. If we select your idea, we’ll help you develop it into a compelling package that can be pitched to a commissioner. That could be a script and a show bible, or it might be a script plus design work or an animation test – however we can most vividly capture your idea to give it the best chance of reaching global audiences.

If we’re unable to progress the project, we’ll give it back to you clean – no strings attached or money to repay.

🌟 Mentors, Network, Impact, Empowerment

We empower creators financially and creatively.

It sounds obvious, but we know you are a living, breathing human being, and not a commodity for us to exploit. We won't just show you the ropes, we'll share them with you, working collaboratively and fairly to empower you as an individual. We'll nurture your unique vision and help you craft it into something that has the power to change the world, introducing you to our network of commissioning partners, investors, and seasoned creatives along the way.

How It Works

1. Apply by submitting your idea by 11pm on Sunday the 14th August using this link or the button below. (Deadline for comedians 11pm on Sunday the 21st August).

2. If your IP is selected, we will develop it with you and try to bring it to market

3. If we both believe we've found the right deal or development project for your IP, happy days!

4. If not, we'll all have learnt something along the way. All your IP will still be yours, and you won't owe us anything.

What are you waiting for...

Applications are now closed.

Ventures FAQS

How long does the Ventures accelerator run?

The first wave of submissions is open from 5 July 2022 and will close at midnight (GMT) on 14 August 2022. Any ideas that move forward will then be optioned for a minimum of 6 months whilst we work with you to further develop your idea.

Who are Bright Little Labs?

Founded in 2015, Bright Little Labs is an award-winning kids' media company producing entertaining, purpose-driven content and products for children aged 3- 11. The Company is backed by Warner Media and Bethnal Green Ventures. We focus on inclusive role models and learning inspired stories to teach 21st century digital skills, like computer science, coding and critical thinking.

What's in it for me?

The opportunity to develop your creative concept through: training and support; 1-1s with industry experts; access to a network of creatives, commissioners and investors; pitch training; understanding the commercial side of the industry and how to navigate within it; and the opportunity of a development deal with Bright Little Labs.

Am I eligible?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to apply.

We accept applications from industry newbies and those with experience across books, animation, games, apps, toys and more. We particularly welcome applications from diverse candidates including, but is not in any way limited to, women, People of Colour, LGBTQIA+, disabled people, and people who are 50+.

We are not accepting submissions from production companies.

How does submissions work?

We review every submission that we receive and will always aim to get back to you with a reply within 4 weeks of your submission. The process of our review is that your idea is submitted to us via the submission section of our website. The ideas page gives you the opportunity to briefly describe your idea. It’s useful to send in pictures, links to videos, links to a video of you talking - anything so we can get more of an idea of your creative. BUT, we don’t want you to spend too long on it at this stage, so please don’t worry if what you’re sending is perfect. We're not looking for perfection.

Successful submissions will be invited to interview over Zoom, and if we think we are a good fit, and subject to your agreement we'll move forward into the development phase, and ask you to sign a Development Agreement.

We'll ask you to sign our submission Terms and Conditions before you submit, you can see these below.

What about the legals? Who owns the copyright?

You do!

During the submission process, you will be asked to declare that the concept you would like to develop with us is 100% owned by you. It is important that it is wholly new IP and has no rights issues, and that it has not been pitching to any commercial partners before.

If we move ahead with the IP, which is always subject to your agreement, you will be asked to sign a Development Agreement which assigns the IP of your idea to Bright Little Labs for an 18 month period. If, at the end of the 18 months, we decide not to develop your idea further, Bright Little Labs will release the IP back to you. If we decide to work together to develop and commercialise your idea, we will agree the best way to proceed together.

Submission Terms & Conditions

Bright Little Labs are very excited to read, review, and jump into your submission. As we’re only a small company (yes, yes, with big ideas!), we cannot proceed with every submission that we review. This might be because it doesn’t fit within our content values, commercial strategy or niche, but it DOES NOT mean that the idea is not good (obviously, but worth saying) and it doesn’t mean it won’t fit perfectly in another home.

We do review every submission that we receive and will always aim to get back to you with a reply within 4 weeks of your submission.

The process of our review is that your idea is submitted to us via the submission section of our website. The ideas page gives you the opportunity to briefly describe your idea. It’s useful to send in pictures, links to videos, links to a video of you talking - anything so we can get more of an idea of your creative. BUT, we don’t want you to spend too long on it at this stage, so please don’t worry if what you’re sending is perfect. Nothing, any everything, is!

We will review all ideas internally; this can take up to 4 weeks. We do this by removing your name from the application and then have our development team review based on what we’re looking for. If we want to proceed into development, we will ask to talk to you, and further down the line we will ask you to look at a ‘Development Agreement’ which sets out the terms of how we will work together on the next phase. During the Development Phase, Bright Little Labs will take on the costs of development, and if ultimately we cannot find a home for your creative, your ideas will revert to you and you won’t owe us anything.

In submitting your idea you accept the following Terms & Conditions:

Terms and Conditions

  1. The presentation of items submitted via the Bright Little Labs website or via other electronic means such as but not limited to email, video conferencing, instant messaging or via Social Media is from the designer, inventor or person with the idea ( the “Presenter”) to the company Bright Little Labs (the “Viewer”).

  2. “The Idea” will be the design or concept that is submitted and for the purposes of these terms and conditions will be referred to as the “The Idea” below.

  3. The “Presenter” accepts that the “Viewer” is an experienced professional in the children’s media industry.

  4. The object of the presentation is for the “Viewer” to examine the idea with a view to the possibility of developing it with Bright Little Labs.

  5. It is the “Presenters” best belief that the idea presented is sufficiently original in the form presented to be the subject of a Licensing Agreement.

  6. The “Presenter” has all the rights to the idea, including the right to present it.

  7. The “Presenter” knows of no impediment to the presentation of the item or idea and its potential licensing.

  8. The “Presenter” accepts that the “Viewer” is under no obligation to develop the idea at any time

  9. The “Presenter” accepts that the “Viewer” is a regular recipient of ideas and that submission of an idea does not necessarily constitute originality.

  10. The “Presenter” accepts that the idea (or a similar idea) may have been presented to the “Viewer” previously and that the viewer may already be aware of or working on an idea that is similar or even the same. The “Viewer” will always treat the idea submitted in a confidential manner.

  11. The “Presenter” accepts that a similar idea may be submitted by another person or different “Presenter” at another time and the “Viewer” may choose to develop an idea that has been presented at a later date, if the description or presentation is more relevant at that time, or the idea more clearly described in the opinion of the “Viewer”.

  12. The “Viewer” acknowledges that he/she has seen the idea or ideas presented and undertakes as follows:

    1. Any information and descriptions, visuals or concepts presented will only be divulged to people working within the “Viewer’s” company or affiliated companies or individuals on a need to know basis. Information may be divulged to relevant external consultants working for the “Viewer’s” company provided that the information is afforded the same degree of protection and confidentiality as if it were the viewing company’s own idea or ideas.

    2. The presentation or submission of an idea does not itself constitute an agreement by either party as to the future of the item.

    3. No contract is implied by the submission of any idea by a “Presenter”.

    4. The “Viewer” is under no obligation to purchase or develop any idea presented.

    5. No exclusive rights are granted to either party as a result of the presentation.

    6. The presentation does not imply, in the strictly legal sense, a confidential relationship between “Viewer” and “Presenter”.

  13. We do not accept submissions via email, anything shared via email will be at the senders risk.

  14. The "Presenter" must be over the age of 18 for submissions to be accepted.

  15. All terms and conditions and any contracts shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

Bright Little Labs and Confidentiality Agreements

While we handle all submissions with the greatest degree of confidentiality we can, and reveal information only on a need to know basis for the purposes of evaluation, at this stage in the submission process, we do not sign legal documents based on a confidential relationship. In our experience, they are of little practical value, but put us in an unfeasible position to accept submissions, because in such a document we have to exempt all ideas which have been or are being developed within the company, all ideas having been submitted by others, all ideas which others bring to us for discussion, all ideas which are in the public domain etc. In addition to the exemptions, there is a grey area of overlapping features between various ideas in the children’s media industry which are difficult to define as they relate to each specific submission. For someone who is not professionally engaged in our industry these overlaps are difficult to appreciate and fully understand.

The reputation of the company has been – and will continue to be – built up over many years and it relies upon the trust that exists between us, our partners, and the creatives we want to work with, empower, and ultimately create with. Obviously any breach of trust by us in respect to anyone would have gravely damaging consequences to our reputation. Our integrity is the best guarantee we can offer to anyone wishing to submit their product ideas and inventions to Bright Little Labs.

If you have any other questions about our terms and conditions, please get in touch! Remi will be happy to talk -

*we have no idea whether heaven exists and is run by Care Bears, or not.